About Us

What is Talent Connect?

Talent Connect helps companies in the hotel and hospitality industry connect with dedicated, talented people with disabilities who are industry-trained and ready for long-term, meaningful employment.

Talent Connect is a training academy designed to help people with disabilities start careers. We work with organizations in the hotel and hospitality industry, including large and small hotels, food service providers and contractors to help them meet their diversity and inclusion needs - especially those with federally contracted business.  Trainees in this industry don't need any experience- the most important thing a candidate brings with them is a positive, customer service attitude and a desire to learn. Training takes place on-site, working side by side with existing employees and supported by Talent Connect on-site staff.

Hotel & Hospitality Industry
The hospitality industry includes hotels, restaurants, and the other service-based professions. Hospitality trainees have the opportunity to train in a variety of jobs, including:

  • Food Service: Food Prep, Cooking, Dishwashing, Banquets
  • Housekeeping: Rooms, Banquet Space, Public Areas
  • Customer Service: Front Desk, Reservations, Concierge
  • Special Events: Banquet Set Up and Preparation


Funding for Talent Connect is provided by:

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