What We Offer

Diverse Staffing

The guests and customers you serve come from a wide variety of backgrounds and experiences. To provide truly excellent guest service, you need staff who are themselves just as diverse. Talent Connect can help!
People with disabilities come from all walks of life and bring unique perspectives to your business. As individuals who have overcome a number of barriers, our trainees often see new and different ways to make your company more guest friendly.

Working with Talent Connect can help your company to meet diversity and compliance outcomes while creating a dedicated, skilled staff to serve your guests.

Trained People

Talent Connect focuses on training that leads to employment because we know that each company we work with is unique. Our trainees go through the same onboarding and training process as any other employee but we provide On Site Training staff to support your company through this process.

Our On Site Trainers are experts in working with individuals with disabilities. We provide support for communication, accommodations, and modifications that help our trainees and your company to be successful. We individualize the services we provide at each company to meet the needs of the trainees, departments, and positions.

Industry Focused

By specializing in the hotel and hospitality industry, Talent Connect is able to provide services that truly are tailored to the unique needs of the industry. We focus on helping our partner companies train and develop staff who have a strong commitment to customer service and understand the importance of creating a great guest experience.

We have partnered with the American Hotel and Lodging Association's Education Institute to provide all of our trainees with the highly regarded Guest Service Gold training. We believe that ALL staff in the hospitality industry - from stewards to servers, bartenders to bellmen - need to be grounded in guest service principles.

Talent Connect will learn about the positions you need to fill, conduct job analyses and screen candidates to ensure they can perform the essential functions of the job. Additionally, candidates are educated on your company's culture. Candidates identified as suitable for a position at your company are then sent to you, via the Talent Connect Project Manager, to go through the same interview process as all other potential applicants. Should you choose to hire a Talent Connect candidate, we will provide support to your company and to the employee to help ensure their success and yours.

We can also assist your company with applying for Work Opportunity Tax Credits

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